Waste Management Division (WMD)

Our Waste Management Division was formed by AE&C acquiring the organization African Waste & Recycling Management. At the WMD, we are dedicated to developing a vivid future for recycling and waste management throughout the African continent. For this we utilize entrepreneurial innovation in a socially responsible way to release the potential of waste management and realize a circular economy that enriches the local markets and communities. Throughout Africa, Waste Management still is a great issue. The principles of a circular resource management are not really a priority. Local businesses and entrepreneurs are only beginning to perceive the hidden potentials of waste management. Most institutions however, have failed to tackle the problems until now. Thus, especially urban areas suffer under severe littering. We want to change this! Even if the right policies have been implemented, control mechanisms are usually weak. For AE&C (ICE-Africa) it is important to enforce environmental policies, especially those encouraging a proper handling of refuse. Nevertheless, our focus is on entrepreneurial activity. For us it is about time to think of economic and personal incentives that encourage every member of a community to participate in waste handling, collection and separation. Obviously developing regions need another approach to waste management and collection. For this we have developed a strategy with the following long term targets:

• Setup communal waste collection points

• Offer incentives for specific waste

• Encourage people to separate their refuse

• Sort and preprocess the collected waste for sale and recycling

• Create a broad number of jobs and opportunities

• Build public private partnerships (PPP) with the local sectors

• Create clean and environmentally conscious communities