Renewable Energy Division

Consultancy & Research

Research, Innovation and Development is a vital part of African Energy & Consulting. AE&C is constantly engaged in research and development of business processes to provide seamless and accurate information for organizations considering inter-continental investments. As the African economy constantly improving so does our research improve simultaneously and in partnership with research institutions and government agencies, we execute research in the field of logistics and optimization of RE resources in Sub-Saharan Africa. We support and advice, organizations, government institutions, local communities, SMEs in SSA in designing and implementing the optimal energy system based on the specific requirements. For more information on our past and current research, send us an email:

Micro-Grid Design & Implementation

Power outages in the continent of Africa, is one issue that has woefully defied almost all known hypotheses for centuries, as enormous investments over the years have provided no palpable result. Considering that electricity plays a vital role in modern society, the electrical power outage has become a major impediment for Africa’s development. We offer the full range of solar solutions, including project design, implementation and maintenance in any developing country. Prior to designing our proposed models for our micro-grids we have carry out several studies and research (on-going) to make sure we design an optimal or near-optimal system. We make sure that end-user demand and behavioral issues are factored into the design. The result is a process of selection that takes into account the local dynamics such as type of settlement pattern (optimal location), density of population, ability to pay (economics), electricity services prioritized by the community members, gender aspects, available energy resources, possibility of electricity grid extension to the village and social inclusion. The result of our designs are a sustainable energy grid, proper environmental practices, better livelihoods, employment, rural development, education and wellbeing of the people in and outside the implementation area. Our design also envisages and creates a knowledge database of best practices and statistics for reference as an outcome of our projects. Our projects are designed to integrate energy development, human resource and capacity development, entrepreneurship and business development, environment and sustainability, and technical resource development in developing countries. These themes are designed to be implemented concurrently with the goal to improve socio-economic wellbeing of people by increasing and diversifying energy production through modernized practices, providing local supply for the high demand for economic activities, and securing the environment in this area for sustainable energy and rural development. For more information send us an email:

Professional Energies System Design & Installation

Together with our partners across Africa, inclusive of our professional design and engineering teams, we are considered some of the best energy experts in the industry. We custom design your energy system and requirements to ensure it produces more with less - less space and financial requirements. Be it Solar systems, Wind systems, Hydro systems or Micro-Grids. Your design includes each and every system component including the type and characteristics of the specific energy system. Moreover, the design is done based on existing architecture and projected energy requirements for the next two decades! Our engineers complete a structural analysis of the facility and produce complete structural design and energy blueprints. As with all of our projects, AE&C (ICE-Africa) submits the plans to the respective local government in Africa to obtain all necessary permits.

Feasibility studies of Renewable Energy Technologies

The feasibility study of Renewable Energy Technologies is a very important stage of any project. Ideally a visit is made to the site first and what needs to be done at the site include;
- Clarify exactly what the client expects of the system
- Project any planned expansion of the system
- Make an assessment of the system energy requirements and financial requirements
- Establish the pattern of system use
- Establish the degree of power security needed (Differs per location)
- Assess installation logistics and life cycle cost analysis
The latter of identifying probable technologies through the screening process, a detailed review of the feasibility and economic viability of each renewable energy technology, also called a renewable energy feasibility study, can determine which combination of renewable energy technologies most effectively meet the energy requirements and goals. When integrating renewable energy into a new construction project or major renovation, this level of renewable energy assessment will typically be commissioned by the design team and should be completed during to the schematic design phase. Our feasibility study showcases and expands on the chosen technologies and options within a technology type, such as the scale of wind turbine or the type of solar systems to best reach project goals. We deliver feasibility studies on promising concepts or perform reviews and due diligence on chosen energy measures.

Risk Assessment

Due diligence is required on renewable energy systems and portfolios. We analyze the technical, financial, political risk profiles of renewable energy systems and deliver insight to lenders and investors on new investments. We use our reliable insight on renewable energies, data analysis and building/grid infrastructure to:
- Assess potential of renewable energy projects and identify risks.
- Plan and design installations for optimal performance, based on reliable long-term yield estimations.
- Provide independent analyses, performance reviews and reports