Some of our Projects

>Micro-Grid Design, Implementation & Maintenance in Ghana, Nigeria & Kenya

>The Green Broom Project

>Waste Recycling Project

>Development of Blueprint Models for Renewable Energy Parks (Solar Parks & Wind Farms) – DBM-REP

>Waste to Water Project

>Solar Cooker Development for Feasibility Demonstration in Southern Africa

>Study on the Resuscitation of the Livelihood for people of the Ogoni Kingdom

Solar Cooker Development for Feasibility Demonstration in Southern Africa

Narrative Description of Project:

According to World Health Organization (WHO), it is recorded that 7 million people die per year due to air pollution and a high number of this is linked to cooking with fire wood. Solar cooking is often considered “a solution looking for a problem”. Solar cookers have long been presented as an interesting solution to the world's problem of dwindling fuel wood sources and other environmental problems associated with wood fuel demand for cooking. Impact studies and use rate studies have been carried out by a number of different organizations since the inception of the project and although commercialization of the technology has not been achieved to its fullest potential, impact studies indicate that solar cookers have a positive development impact on households through fuel-, energy- and time savings. In this project, our aim is to demonstrate the operation of the Sunlight Cooker in 5 countries in Southern Africa and to set up facilities for mount, service and distribution of the cooker.

For this project, expected results and outcomes fall within the expectations below but are not limited; to measuring the results such as temperature, heat capacity and cooking times in real circumstances and to set up facilities for mounting, servicing and distribution the cookers with local companies.

Some of our other projects include:

Feasibility Study on locations of RE in Nigeria & Ghana
Energy Audit in organizations in West Africa
Renewable Energy Efficiency Strategy for Local Governments
Waste to Power Production in West Africa
Multiple Consultancy Assignment in Southern & East Africa
Designing a Solar Manufacturing Plant in West Africa

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