Some of our Projects

>Micro-Grid Design, Implementation & Maintenance in Ghana, Nigeria & Kenya

>The Green Broom Project

>Waste Recycling Project

>Development of Blueprint Models for Renewable Energy Parks (Solar Parks & Wind Farms) – DBM-REP

>Waste to Water Project

>Solar Cooker Development for Feasibility Demonstration in Southern Africa

>Study on the Resuscitation of the Livelihood for people of the Ogoni Kingdom

Development of Blueprint Models for Renewable Energy Parks (Solar Parks & Wind Farms) – DBM-REP

Narrative Description of Project:

DBM-REP, implemented in cooperation with the consortium members, is a project to develop solutions to support the wider provision and usage of renewable energy. It is without doubt that power outages in the continent of Africa, is one issue that has woefully defied almost all known hypotheses for centuries, as enormous investments over the years have provided no palpable result. Considering that electricity plays a vital role in modern society, the electrical power outage has become a major impediment for the continent’s development. Introduction of Solar Parks (SPs) as well as Renewable Energy Parks (REPs) (i.e., parks that generate both solar and wind energy) will be a robust and environmentally friendly way of generating electricity. The goal of this project is to develop a multi-step approach to design a capacitated network of SPs and REPs in several Sub-Saharan African countries, taking into account geographical and demographical characteristics. In addition to the above, it is known that many solar and wind energy projects in Africa fail due to miscalculations, inappropriate location selection, investor scare, vandalism, theft and mismanagement of the resources. The number of failed renewable energy projects in Africa over the last 20 years is unacceptable, and verging on the irresponsible. These failed projects have set back development by raising aspirations and then failing to deliver. Particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa, the electric utility infrastructure necessary for large-scale renewable energy power plants is lacking and therefore leading to this project to provide solutions. However, this project has been designed into 3 different phases:


. Optimizing the availability and usage of RE resources

PHASE 2- The key objectives of this phase of this project are:

. To ascertain factors that leads to the mismanagement of resources and develop a method to lead to sustainable management.


Evaluating and maximizing the economic benefits for utilizing renewable energy resources.

A phase of the work has been presented in several Energy Conferences in Africa and Asia receiving multiple positive feedbacks. The project consortium supports demonstration activities and is being supported in multiple projects in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Some of our other projects include:

Feasibility Study on locations of RE in Nigeria & Ghana
Energy Audit in organizations in West Africa
Renewable Energy Efficiency Strategy for Local Governments
Waste to Power Production in West Africa
Multiple Consultancy Assignment in Southern & East Africa
Designing a Solar Manufacturing Plant in West Africa

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