Some of our Projects

>Micro-Grid Design, Implementation & Maintenance in Ghana, Nigeria & Kenya

>The Green Broom Project

>Waste Recycling Project

>Development of Blueprint Models for Renewable Energy Parks (Solar Parks & Wind Farms) – DBM-REP

>Waste to Water Project

>Solar Cooker Development for Feasibility Demonstration in Southern Africa

>Study on the Resuscitation of the Livelihood for people of the Ogoni Kingdom

Agbogbloshie E-Waste Recycling Project

Narrative Description of Project:

Agbogbloshie is a district of the country’s capital widely famous for being the recycling and dismantling hub of Ghana. At this site, informal workers scrap various kinds of electronics, vehicles and other devices to earn a living. The focus mainly relies on valuable metals like copper, aluminum, brass or lead which can easily be sold to local dealers. Unfortunately most recyclers work under conditions that mean harm to their health and the surrounding environment. As an output Agbogbloshie has become one of the most contaminated areas in the country and in the world.

One major issue is the burning of copper cables and the littering of remaining plastics in the district and the nearby Lagoon. To offer an alternative to burning, the local NGO Green Advocacy has started a recycling facility together with the American organization Pure Earth. There the recyclers can use wire striping machines to separate the materials in a proper way.

To support the initiative of Green Advocacy and Pure Earth, AE&C has set up a Public Private Partnership to support the recycling facility with additional funding, so in the long term it can run as a self sustaining business. If you are also interested in investing in the Recycling Facility at Agbogbloshie, get in touch with us. We’ll keep you informed about the progress of ARCOP!

Some of our other projects include:

Feasibility Study on locations of RE in Nigeria & Ghana
Energy Audit in organizations in West Africa
Renewable Energy Efficiency Strategy for Local Governments
Waste to Power Production in Lagos State, Nigeria
Multiple Consultancy Assignment in Southern & East Africa
Designing a Solar Manufacturing Plant in West Africa

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