Some of our Projects

>Micro-Grid Design, Implementation & Maintenance in Ghana, Nigeria & Kenya

>The Green Broom Project

>Waste Recycling Project

>Development of Blueprint Models for Renewable Energy Parks (Solar Parks & Wind Farms) – DBM-REP

>Waste to Water Project

>Solar Cooker Development for Feasibility Demonstration in Southern Africa

>Study on the Resuscitation of the Livelihood for people of the Ogoni Kingdom

Micro-Grid Design, Implementation & Maintenance in Sub-Saharan Africa

Narrative Description of Project:

Prior to designing our proposed models for our micro-grids we have carried out several studies and research (on-going) to make sure we design an optimal or near-optimal system. We make sure that end-user demand and behavioral issues are factored into the design. The result is a process of selection that takes into account the local dynamics such as type of settlement pattern (optimal location), density of population, ability to pay (economics), electricity services prioritized by the community members, gender aspects, available energy resources, possibility of electricity grid extension to the village and social inclusion. With Solar Lighting Solutions Pvt. Ltd.Ghana, ICE-Africa signed a partnership for the purposes of the development of micro-grid facilities for (improved) energy delivery to villages in rural Ghana. In the first stage of the project, AE&C and Rural Lighting Solutions worked together to perform a survey on rural energy use and feasibility of micro-grid implementation in multiple villages in Ghana. The survey included

-Assessment of village size,

-Land surveying to create a map of the village and the terrain, indicating houses, public facilities, etc.

-Interviews with people living in the village, which provided indications on the energy carriers currently in use in the village, the typical appliances that energy from different sources is used for and the general opinion of the inhabitants on the availability of energy from a Micro-Grid facility.

-A summary of climatic and/or seasonal factors relevant to the proposed location of the Micro-Grid facility.

Currently, the micro-grids are in the design and implementation phase. In future stages of the project, the project partners work together on replicating the successful implementation of our Micro-Grids in multiple villages and communities across Sub-Saharan Africa.

The result of our grids are a sustainable energy grid, proper environmental practices, better livelihoods, employment, rural development, education and wellbeing of the people in and outside the implementation area. We also create a knowledge database of best practices and statistics for reference as an outcome of the project. This project is designed to integrate energy development, human resource and capacity development, entrepreneurship and business development, environment and sustainability, and technical resource development. These themes are designed to be implemented concurrently with the goal to improve socio-economic wellbeing of people by increasing and diversifying food production through modernised practices, providing local supply for the high demand for economic activities, and securing the environment in this area for sustainable energy and rural development.

In addition to the production and distribution of power from our grids, we also engage in several service provisions in the area of sustainable energy for numerous communities and villages. Our service will extend to: . Design and implement mobile and torch charging service station across communities where habitants can charge their phones for a small fee.

. Distribution of solar lamps

. Renting out efficient solar cookers to be utilized by habitants for small fee. (We currently have a partnership with a design organization and also carried out feasibility test of the products).

.Training centers for solar technicians.

Some of our other projects include:

Feasibility Study on locations of RE in Nigeria & Ghana
Energy Audit in organizations in West Africa
Renewable Energy Efficiency Strategy for Local Governments
Waste to Power Production in West Africa
Multiple Consultancy Assignment in Southern & East Africa
Designing a Solar Manufacturing Plant in West Africa

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