Research, Innovation and Development            

Research, Innovation and Development is a vital part of African Energy & Consulting. AE&C is constantly engaged in reasearch and development of business processes to provide seamless and accurate information for organizations considering inter-continental investments. With the African economy constantly improving so does our research on the market. Innovation is also important to the culture of our organization, and as such, we support innovative organizations and individuals with the drive to succeed in Sub-Saharan Africa. If you have any questions or require more information please do contact us: info@afenecon.com

International Cooperation & Marketing Strategies

At African Energy & Consulting (ICE-Africa BV) we possess a top-notch marketing strategy that is integrated into our diverse culture and international cooperations. The initiative in several African countries to improve the decentralized supply chain of energy, rural development, food security and waste management offers the missing link to exploit these changes and make the difference in future competition. The partnership with African Energy & Consulting (ICE-Africa BV) offers a widespread network in the African market. As such AE&C establishes the required support and awareness to make inter-continental business cooperation in Africa a success story.

Excellence. It is the foundation of everything we do.


Consultancy within AE&C (ICE-Africa) includes and is not limited to:


For specific organizational request please send an email to: info@afenecon.com

  • Sub-saharan Africa is the next destination for investments.However, to thrive in the African Market, it is very important to understand the culture and think like an African.

    Genic Global
  • What distinguishes AE&C (ICE-Africa) is the fact that our team has more knowledge and expertise of the African market, culture & traditions.

    ICE- Africa BV

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